Bandai S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Ankh (Human) + Shinkocchou Seihou Ankh Set

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"Eiji... I'm no longer the hand that you need to reach out to."


Premium Bandai will release an Ankh human form SHF Shinkocchou Seihou figure in May 2020!


Character background

Ankh is one of the main characters of Kamen Rider OOO. He is the bird Greeed and anti-hero/rogue throughout the series. Unlike his fellow Greeed, he has allied himself to the protagonist Kamen Rider OOO, mainly because of his inability to assume his full form and his lack of trust towards the other Greeed.


Product features

  • The exceptional articulation designed on this Ankh figure allows him to make a wide range of poses such as holding book that collects medal, ice cream he loves to eat and so forth.
  • The Shinkocchou Seihou technique is used on him, making his body shape looks as same as image from the shows, and the head sculpturing is done well to recreate the actor’s face.
  • There are two additional and one standard face plate will include with this figure. You can change his face to be angry of smile.
  • The height of this figure is approximately 145 mm, made of ABS and PVC material. He is suitable for 15 years old and above.


Product content

  • Main body figure
  • Two type of face plates
  • Replacement wrist left and right each 5 kinds (including ice handle)
  • 3 consecutive ice for left and right
  • medal holder


Eiji! Use this!!

KAMNE RIDER OOO Reproduce the popular Greed ankh (arm) that appears in!

Tattered cloth is reproduced using cloth material in the same way as in the play.

Providing props unique to Ankh such as ice! A dedicated pedestal is included, and a floating image can be displayed.

Ankh's shape design was reviewed from scratch and three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

In addition to the triple medal parts of the combination of Tatoba combo, a triple medal of Tajador combo is included.

Reproduce the props used by Ankh in the play on the same scale!

Sold separately S.H.Figuarts(SHINKOCCHOUSEIHOU) KAMNE RIDER OOO When combined with “Tatoba Combo”, the reproducibility of the world view is further enhanced.


Product Specifications

Full length: Approximately 40mm

Material: ABS, PVC, cloth

Set Contents

  • Body
  • Replacement right wrist five
  • Smartphone type terminal
  • Cell medal × 100
  • Ice
  • Tajador core medal (3 series)
  • Tatova core medals (3 consecutive)
  • Stand set