Bandai S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium SHF Action Figure

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"Fire up! With your friends!"

Taiga Titus Fuma, who appeared in "Ultraman Taiga", joined together through Hiroyuki

"Ultraman Taiga Tristrium" appeared on S.H.Figuarts!

A sword of fire "Taigatry Blade" is also included!


Modeling and proportions

Under the cooperation of Tsuburaya Production Modeling Department LSS, three-dimensionalized with images in the play.

Proportion that does not break down even if you take various poses, reduced to a size of about 150 mm, and turned into SH Figuarts.


Main product contents

  • Body
  • Wrist left and right 5 types
  • Replacement color timer
  • Taigatry blade
  • Height: about 150mm