Banpresto Craneking Q posket Disney Cinderella- Perfumagic Cinderella

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“No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true”


One of the Disney princess: Cinderella will join the Q Posket series!


Series information

Banpresto is the company to make this Q Posket chibi figurine line. The figurine on this series are featured with the unique design of the eyes, the large beady-like design gives it a very expressive look. Q Posket line is recreating the abundant of accurate character detail, dynamic poses and vivid color schemes. There 2 sizes for this line which are standard, at 14cm (~5.5"") and petit, at 7cm (~2.7"").


Product details

-This Cinderella is designed with Perfumagic style, she is wearing her iconic long blue dress.

-This figure is featured with graceful smile, making a pose to sit on the chair and holding a perfume.

-The height of this figure is approximately 14 CM

-This figure is made of material such as ABS & PVC