Hasbro Exclusive: Overwatch - Ultimates Series Reinhardt 6" Figure SDCC 2019

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2019 San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Exclusive: Blizzard's Overwatch Ultimates - Reinhardt (Bundeswehr) Skin 6" figure. Includes figure, accessories, and shield stands. NEW, Unopened, Mint in Box.

Reinhardt was a legend during his time in the German army. His massive Crusader armor served as a rallying point on the battlefield, as troops gathered behind his Barrier Field and stormed through the gaping holes his Rocket Hammer crushed into the enemy’s defenses. His victories mounted, and tales of his unmatched vigor and bravery quickly spread across the globe. It’s no surprise that when Overwatch recalled its agents, Reinhardt Wilhelm was one of the first to answer the call.

With the Overwatch Ultimates Series, fans and collectors can imagine the action of the Overwatch video game leaping on to their shelves and into their collections. This premium 6-inch-scale Reinhardt figure comes with character-inspired accessories and features game-inspired design and multiple points of articulation for high poseability and display. With the premium Overwatch Ultimates series, fans and collectors can build a roster of the greatest heroes of the future. Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.

Includes: figure and 6 accessories.

  • Every detail of this 6-inch scale (8 inches in height) Ultimates Series Reinhardt (Bundeswehr) figure was designed with fans and collectors in mind. Featuring multiple points of articulation, game-inspired accessories, and stylish packaging, the Ultimates line of Overwatch figures lives up to its name. 
  • This Reinhardt figure features his epic Bundeswehr skin with Rocket Hammer and Barrier Field, inspired by the hit video game, Overwatch.
  • This Reinhardt figure features premium detailing and design, with multiple points of articulation to help display in fan-favorite, game-inspired poses.
  • Look for other 6-inch-scale Overwatch figures (each sold separately) and build a roster of favorite characters from the popular video game by Blizzard.