Kre-O Transformers Superion Micro Changers Combiners Kreo A2226

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You are looking at a BRAND NEW, unopened Transformers: Beast Hunters "Superion" Micro Changers Combiners building playset A2226 by KRE-O & Hasbro. This 76 piece set is a great constructable toy for that serious Transformers collector that's resides in all of us. This sealed set is designed to give your little one hours of fun while stimulating their creative side by building 4 Kreon figures/robots OR 4 vehicles OR 1 large Combiner Robot! KRE-O building sets are compatible with many of the other major building set brands including Mega Bloks & Lego.

Here are the robots/vehicles this set can build:

·  Skydive
·  Silverbolt
·  Air Raid
·  Firestrike
·  Superion

Here's a bit about the "Superion" set A2226:
Get 4 Micro-Changers in 1 with this awesome Superion set! You can build 4 different Micro-Changers as robots or vehicles with the 76 pieces in this set! Build Silverbolt, Skydive, Firestrike, and Air Raid figures as robots or vehicles. Then you can use all the pieces to build a giant Combiner robot! Build your Transformers adventures, then tear them down to build new ones!

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