Sega Prize Disney Frozen II Premium Figure Anna 18CM Figure

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“I just want someone to hug me and tell me everything is gonna be alright”


Sega Prize will bring you the figure of Elsa from Pixar movie: Frozen II!


Series information

Sega prize toys are mainly designed the figurines or plush toys. These famous products are setting with higher price due to their highly quality. The well-known titles are including Japan anime like Hatsune Miku, Sword Art Online, Love Live, Re:Zero, Fate/Grand Order and so forth.


Product details

-She is a character from the Pixar movie: Frozen II

-A screen-accurate movie costume is absolutely remade on this figure.

-This figure is painted with good colour separation, featuring with different patterns.

-Her facial expression is designed with calm and serious; her long hair is tied together.

-The height of this figure is approximately 18 CM

-This figure is made of material such as ABS & PVC